Thursday 28 November 2019, 16:07

November Global Series round-up

  • First two FUT Champions Cups of the season held in November

  • First tournaments and qualifying en route to the FIFA eNations Cup and FIFA eClub World Cup

  • Recap of all the events in November

FUT Champions Cup Stage 1

The first major event of the season was held in Bucharest, with the FUT Champions Cup Stage 1 getting things under way in the Romanian capital. And as is often the case, there was a surprise or two coming from those who were expected to be underdogs. 'QLASH_Crazy' from Italy was one such player, making his mark at both the first and the second FUT Champions Cups. The winner of the tournament was less unexpected however, with 'Tekkz' capturing the first FUT Champions Cup of the season for the third year in a row and the fifth time overall.

FUT Champions Cup Stage 2

The second FUT Champions Cup was also held in Bucharest and surprise packages were once again the order of the day. 'QLASH_Crazy' was even more impressive, making it all the way to the final this time around where he had to give best to Niklas 'NR7‘ Raseck, who became the second German to hoist a FUT Champions Cup trophy aloft.

FIFA eClub World Cup qualifying

Over 190 teams are taking part in qualifying for the FIFA eClub World Cup across November and December. Bundled got a haul of 51 points which was the most of any team in week one, with the likes of NEO (featuring the 2017 FIFA eWorld Cup winner ‘HUGE GORILLA’), FNATIC (who have 'Tekkz‘ in their ranks) and plenty of other clubs all catching the eye in the opening week. Head here for the full results.

National Championship Norway

The road to the FIFA eNations Cup 2020 has also begun, and every country that is authorised to participate can enter an official national team in the qualifying phase. Norway has held its first official national championship which was won by 'NVD Hyper', leading to a call-up to represent his country for potential FIFA eNations Cup 2020 duty.

Global Series rankings


The new star of the Global Series is definitely 'QLASH_Crazy', who has leapt to the top of the PlayStation rankings on the back of his stellar performances at the FUT Champions Cups 1 and 2. Among his main rivals are a whole host of South Americans, including 'Wolves Fifilza‘, 'WestHamYago‘, ' SPQR Paulo Neto‘ and 'NSE LUCASREP98‘ who are all in the top ten, along with such household names as 'Hashtag Harry‘, 'Vitality Maestro‘ and 'damie'.


It may be a new season but the rankings here have a familiar feel to them, with 'Tekkz‘ out on top. Just behind him come 'NR7‘ and 'FUTWIZ Lyricz‘, two players who have been among the most consistent performers of recent seasons. As is the case on the other console, there is a healthy Brazilian contingent at the forefront with three of them in the top ten, as well as former FIFA eWorld Cup winner 'Msdossary‘ and 'DullenMike‘, who is the youngest player ever to win a FUT Champions Cup.

The full rankings can be found here.