Sunday 04 June 2017, 07:26

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Just like every Sunday, we whet your appetite with a sneak peek at what is on the menu on in the days ahead.

If you are interested in getting the scoop on the best up-and-coming stars and national teams on the globe, then you are in luck. The FIFA U-20 World Cup Korea 2017is nearing its conclusion and will be on hand to bring you comprehensive coverage – including interviews, post-game reactions, analysis, photos and match highlights – right through to the final next Sunday, 11 June.

With the battle to reach the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018™ all set to resume, on Monday we will be shining the spotlight on Ivan Hurtado, the man who holds the record for the most appearances in qualifying. The following day, we will be whisking you off to Gibraltar to explore their maiden campaign on the road to the World Cup, hand in hand with two players who are more used to racking their brains in university classrooms than pitting their wits against global superstars. From Wednesday onwards, our attention will turn to the action itself. Fixtures will be taking place in the CONCACAF, UEFA, AFCand OFCzones and will be pulling out all the stops so that you can keep tabs on the latest developments from 7 to 13 June.

One of the AFC's heavyweights, Australia, are raring to make a splash at the fast-approaching FIFA Confederations Cup Russia 2017. On this note, later in the week you have the opportunity to hear from Inter Milan's Trent Sainsburyabout the Socceroos' ambitions ahead of the Tournament of Champions. Similarly, we will also be continuing to build up to the event, which kicks off on 17 June, with our daily countdown pieces looking at key episodes in the competition's history.

The above is just a fraction of what is in store for you on in the coming days. You can look forward to several other exclusive interviews, numerous dispatches from the world of women's football, all of our regular featuresand our usual batch of videosand photos.