Monday 28 January 2019, 07:53

'DullenMike' becomes youngest FUT Champions Cup winner

Studio of the FUT Champions Cup November
  • 'DullenMike' only the third player to win a FUT Champions Cup

  • The 16-year-old is the youngest and first German winner of the competition

  • looks back at the FUT Champions Cup January

After reigning world champion 'Msdossary' and rising star 'F2Tekkz' dominated the first four FUT Champions Cup events with two triumphs each, 'DullenMike' has now become the third player to win a tournament in this series.

He defeated eSports heavyweights including 2017 world champion Spencer Ealing and 'Ajax Dani', one of this season’s most consistent players, on his way to the final, where he secured a sensational victory by beating compatriot 'Hasoo'.

Round of 16

PlayStation Two big German favourites, 'TheStrxnger' and 'RBL Cihan', were among the competitors to be eliminated in the last 16. Several newcomers, together with familiar faces such as 2018 Grand Finalists 'B04 M4RV' and 'PSV Pinna97', qualified for the console quarter-finals.

Xbox Several big names exited the competition at this stage, including 'PSG Daxe', reigning world champion 'Msdossary', his team-mate 'GoalMachine' and 2017 world champion 'Gorilla'.

Quarter-finals and semi-finals

PlayStation After beating 'FCC Fiddle' in the quarter-finals, 'Hasoo' got the better of 'Tuga 810' in the first semi-final and became the first player to reach the PlayStation final unbeaten.

In the battle of the 2018 Grand Finalists, 'PSV Pinna97' defeated 'B04 M4RV' before triumphing over 'LostInTheWavesz', who previously eliminated FIFA eClub World Cup™ participant 'WolvesFifilza'.

Xbox Two-time FUT Champions Cup winner 'F2Tekkz' beat Brazilian 'SPQR Senna' only to fall to the last remaining Rogue player, 'Rogue NRaseck'.

FIFA eClub World Cup™ participant 'Ajax Dani’ eliminated his second German opponent from the knockout stages by beating 'Salz0r', while 'DullenMike' then recorded an resounding win over the Dutchman to reach the console finals.


PlayStation A well-known personality on the German scene faced the 2018 eClub World Cup runner-up as the still-unbeaten 'Hasoo' defeated Belgian opponent 'PSV Pinna97' to progress to the cross-console Grand Final.

Xbox It was an all-German duel for the Xbox title after 'Rogue NRaseck' and 'DullenMike' both eliminated several of the leading favourites on their way to the console finals. Sixteen-year-old 'DullenMike' sprung a surprise to meet another of his compatriots, 'Hasoo', in the Grand Final.

Grand Final

After a seemingly endless wait for a player from Germany to win an international competition in the Global Series, the all-German Grand Final line-up meant the wait was over even before kick-off. 'DullenMike' ultimately pulled off a convincing victory in the cross-console final to become the youngest player ever to win a FUT Champions Cup.