Monday 17 December 2018, 08:37

FIFA eWorld Cup holder wins FUT Champions Cup

  • After back-to-back tournament wins, 'F2Tekkz' suffers narrow final defeat

  • 'Rogue Msdossary' wins season's second FUT Champions Cup

  • Overview of the FUT Champions Cup December

Group phase

Group stage winners:


  • Following two successive tournament victories, 'F2Tekkz' finished at the Group A summit in London, suffering just one defeat.

  • Defending world champion ‘Rogue Msdossary’ topped Group D.

  • 'MegaBit' and 'PSG DaXe' first in Groups C and B respectively.


  • 'FCB Nicolas99FC’ was the only player on either console to progress unbeaten.

  • 'VFB Drerhano’ won group ahead of 'Joksan'.

  • Underdogs 'LordHjorth' and '9z Yago’ emerged as surprise winners of Groups C and D respectively.

Group stage disappointments:


  • 'Rogue Goalmachine’ and 'Marcus Gomes’ were knocked out after each recording two wins and five defeats.

  • 'HashtagRyan_' and 'Hashtag Harry’ also fail to progress from the group stage.


  • 'CocoVBastos' and 'rein10’ are among the players to fall short of reaching the next round.

Knockout rounds


While most of the favourites survived the first round, some well-known players such as 'SaLz0R' and ‘Fabio Denuzzo’ were eliminated at this stage. After the second and third rounds, the console semi-finalists were as follows:

'F2Tekkz' 4-0 'PSG DaXe’ Having already overcome 'Nraseck', among others, en route to the semi-finals, 'F2Tekkz' faced 'PSG DaXe’ in the last four. The Englishman won and qualified for another Xbox final as he went in search of a third consecutive tournament triumph.

'The Royal’ 3-4 'Rogue Msdossary’ ' The Royal’ got the better of 'MegaBit' in the third round to set up an all Saudi Arabian semi-final against FIFA eWorld Cup™ champion 'Rogue Msdossary’, who went on to advance into the final.

Xbox final:

'__F2Tekkz' 3-4 'Rogue Msdossary’ One of the most eagerly anticipated match-ups of the current season lived up to its billing in a thrilling final in which the defending world champion edged a tight game against 'F2Tekkz'.


Some big names, including 'M10 Ustun’, 'SPQR Tore’ and 2014 champion 'Agge' were knocked out in the first round, paving the way for the following semi-final line-up after the second and third rounds:

’PSV StefanoPinna' 1-2 'FCB Nicolas99FC' This encounter pitted together two FIFA eWorld Cup 2018 Grand Finalists, with silver medalist 'PSV StefanoPinna' narrowly losing to Argentina's 'FCB Nicolas99FC'.

'MoAuba' 7-4 '9z Yago' '9z Yago', who had already beaten Continental Cup champion 'Joksan', among others, was the underdog going into his meeting with two-time Grand Finalist 'MoAuba' – the last remaining German competitor in the tournament. The favourite justified his tag to earn a ticket to the PlayStation final.

PlayStation final:

'FCB Nicolas99FC’ 6-5 'MoAuba’ In a tight game between two 2018 Grand Finalists, 'FCB Nicolas99FC' eventually won it with a goal in extra time, booking his place in the Grand Final.

The Grand Final

'FCB Nicolas99FC’ 3-8 'Rogue Msdossary’

Both players went into this game having only lost once throughout the tournament, with 'FCB Nicolas99FC' on a goal difference of plus 40, while 'Rogue Msdossary’ had only conceded 27 goals. The reigning world champion won the first leg 4-1 and extended his lead in the second game to lift his first title of the season. Having triumphed at the FUT Champions Cup in Manchester last season and at the FIFA eWorld Cup 2018 in London, England once again proved a happy hunting ground for the Saudi Arabian.