Monday 14 January 2019, 08:43

How eFootball changed Hassan Nouman's life

  • First player from Pakistan to sign a professional club contract

  • Recognised on the local scene and by the Pakistan Football Federation

  • The community story of Hassan Nouman at a glance

Hassan Nouman has played every version of FIFA since he discovered the game in 2004 and began playing competitively in 2010, deciding to switch from Xbox to PlayStation in 2013. He transferred his love of the game into his studies by choosing a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in electronics.

After successfully participating in several FIFA eWorld Cups – formerly known as the FIFA Interactive World Cup – social media campaigns and contributing to the development of eFootball in his country, he even received a thank-you letter from the Pakistan Football Federation. Television channels and local media outlets have also interviewed the Pakistani player.

Nouman also earns his living by competing in numerous online and offline tournaments. In August 2017 he became the first player from Pakistan to sign a professional club contract. Muslim FC, who compete in the Pakistan Premier League, took him onto their books after being impressed by his consistent tournament performances.

As if that were not enough, Nouman also organises several online and offline tournaments in his region. "eFootball is getting bigger every day in this country and I’m very glad to be a part of that," he told "With the support of the Pakistan Football Federation, I’ve been able to set up several events at different venues."

eFootball has enabled him to build a community and meet new people: "I have made so many new friends through the sport, and have since become very close with some of them," he said.

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