Saturday 22 August 2020, 20:03

FIFA virtual summits conclude

  • Online informal discussions were organised for the global football community

  • 205 member associations participated across 29 virtual meetings

  • A wide range of topics were discussed, including the FIFA COVID-19 Relief Plan

Over the past four weeks, 29 different virtual meetings were successfully held with the presidents of FIFA’s member associations, replacing the annual FIFA Executive Football Summits. In total, 205 member associations took part in these meetings, where all confederations were also invited.

The agenda was primarily focused on the FIFA COVID-19 Relief Plan, as well as on other recent decisions taken by FIFA during the coronavirus pandemic to help the world football community at all levels.

Every member association was given the opportunity to provide an update on the current status of health and football in their country, whilst also discussing topics of strategic importance, such as men’s and women’s national team football, club football and grassroots youth football, with the focus aimed at shaping a better football moving forward.

Whilst the global health situation continues to change on a daily basis, football activities remain frozen in many countries. In others, partial or full resumption of training and/or competitions has been allowed.

FIFA Congress

"In these very particular times, it is of crucial importance to have a direct and open dialogue with the member associations, in order to assist them in the best way we can,” said FIFA President Gianni Infantino. “The financial losses incurred by the global football community are significant, but we always need to have in mind that the principle of ‘health comes first’ is of paramount importance."

The FIFA President also praised the teamwork by the international football community since the beginning of the pandemic. "Over the last months, the co-operation between FIFA, the member associations, the confederations and the other football stakeholders has been excellent. It is essential to ensure that the resumption of football activities can be implemented successfully, once it is safe to do so,” he added.

The member associations identified the FIFA COVID-19 Relief Plan as enabling them to, not only cover their own financial losses due to the pandemic, but to also support their wider football communities. Several member associations also confirmed that the grant for women’s football would enable them to mitigate any cuts in investments to the women’s game, and subsequently increase their development activities.

The main outcomes of the virtual summits will be presented to the FIFA Council at its next meeting in advance of the 70th FIFA Congress, scheduled to take place on Friday 18 September.

The agenda for the 70th annual FIFA Congress can be found here.