Thursday 16 March 2017, 07:58

FIFA Museum hosts You Me At Six

You Me At Six’s lead singer Josh Franceschi believes that the demands, as well as the qualities, of professional football players and musicians are not mutually exclusive.

The English band visited the FIFA World Football Museum ahead of the Zurich show of their European tour and Franceschi, whose band have been one of the biggest rock groups in the United Kingdom for nearly a decade, can relate to the pressures that both musicians and athletes face in their respected industries.

“There's definitely similarities between musicians and athletes, especially those who have become well-known at a younger age,” Franceschi said in an exclusive interview with “Many young footballers often find themselves in the limelight and are expected to know what to do when put in front of a camera.”

Whilst the two professions may require different skills and expertise, Franceschi can see the similarities between them.

“With young musicians, there's a correlation between the two since both dedicate their life into what they are passionate about,” he said. “We both work towards certain goals - for us, we want to headline certain festivals or play at famous arenas, whereas for footballers, it could be winning the World Cup or playing in the Premier League. I think there's a lot of overlap there."

Although the band has toured all over the world, it was the band’s first visit to the FIFA World Football Museum in Zurich. For guitarist Max Helyer, it was a unique experience for him and his bandmates, who learned all about the story of the World Cup and, in particular, his nation’s triumph in 1966.

"It was really cool for us to see all of the old memorabilia,” Helyer said. “The World Cup is obviously a highlight, but I think it was nice to hear some of the stories that are perhaps less known. That former winners and football legends can come here and relive that moment and bring back memories. That is really special."

We would 100 per cent love to do a World Cup song for England!

The band, who are all massive football fans, have had several career highlights. Their latest album, ‘Night People’, reached number three in the UK album charts in January, continuing the success from their four previous studio albums. Drummer Dan Flint takes a lot of pride in the band’s appearance in the soundtrack for FIFA14 with their single ‘Lived A Lie’.

“It was a bizarre moment,” Flint said. “We were on tour in the United States when it came out, and the first track that came on when we put in the disc was our own! Josh takes a lot of pleasure from winning on FIFA in general, but hearing our own song in the highlight reel is great for us."

Helyer continued: "Not only was it cool for us to be involved, it also exposed our music to new audiences, and football fans who might not have ever heard of You Me At Six. To have ‘Lived A Lie’ in the soundtrack opened doorways to new territories, and it is something we would love to be part of again."

Would the band be interested in continuing the tradition of World Cup anthems for England at the FIFA World Cup™ in Russia next year?

"We would 100 per cent love to do a World Cup song for England!” Helyer said. “We love football, so it would be amazing for us. We take great enjoyment from working on a concept as musicians and combining that with Josh's way of creating the lyrical content. It's something we would love to do, if we had the chance."

If Gareth Southgate can negotiate England’s qualifying group over the next few months, we may be hearing a lot more from You Me At Six in 2018.