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FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence Maribor, Slovenia

The Institute of Sports Medicine (ISM) at the Medical Faculty of the University of Maribor is an institution which offers  comprehensive  treatment  for  athletes:  prevention,  diagnostics  and  treatment  of  injuries,  kinesiology studies,  advice  on  nutrition  and  psychological  training.  In  addition,  ISM  organises  congresses and is  involved  in  prevention  programmes  (“FIFA  11+”,  preventive  examination  and  annual  pre-season testing, Football for Health, etc.) and provides medical support to football clubs. The ISM actively collaborates with University Medical Centre Maribor and  combines  together  all  the  experts  in  sport  medicine including orthopaedists, traumatologists, radiologists, physiotherapists and other specialists, and covers extensive diagnostics  and  therapies.  In  addition,  research  projects  are  performed  in  collaboration  with the Institute  of Biochemistry,  Physiology,  Anatomy,  Cellular  Laboratory,  etc. and the Stimulation  Centre (emergencies, ADSL, surgical utilities, etc.) is available.

ISM provides clinical examinations of athletes (as prevention and diagnostics) and  ensures  examination  in  different  medical  specialities,  e.g. of  orthopaedics,  traumatology, cardiopulmonary,  physiotherapy,  radiology,  etc.

Complete treatment is assured including conservative (e.g.  overuse  injuries,  tendinopathies, impingement  syndromes,  postoperative cases,  PRP  application,  physiotherapy,  proprioception,  etc.)  and  operative  treatment  (fractures,  dislocations, head  injuries,  spine  injuries, muscle and  tendon  ruptures,  ACL  and  meniscal  ruptures,  chondral  lesions, contusions, etc.). Daily, several arthroscopic and open surgical procedures are performed.

In addition, the cardiopulmonary department provides full coverage of internal disease and other internal emergency cases. In the event of an emergency, the Medical Emergency Unit is a professionally and organisationally homogeneous unit providing non-stop 24-hour medical care to ill and injured people. Afterwards, rehabilitation testing and evaluation is performed prior to sport involvement. A multidisciplinary approach is ensured through collaborations between various types of clinical research expertise and specialist institutions. Along the clinical part, all the institutions and clinical departments are continuously evolving in the educational activity and also in research projects.

ISM  actively  collaborates  with  local  and  national  football clubs (e.g. Intermunicipal  Football  Association of Maribor – MNZ  Maribor  with  more  than  6,000  members) and provides comprehensive clinical support such as referring athletes to a second specialist based on primary clinical examination where further diagnostics are carried out as necessary (imaging: X-ray, ultrasound, MRI, CT, blood samples, ECG, etc.).

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Facts Established in 2014 Accredited FMCE since October 2015 All aspects of musculoskeletal disorders incl. sports medicine In cooperation with four other partners in the country http://ism-mb.si

Dr. Matjaž Vogrin Director/Head of FMCE Institute of Sports Medicine Maribor, Taborska ulica 8, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia Tel.: +386 2 23 45 869 Mobile: +386 40 732 135 matjazvogrin@hotmail.com

Nina Greiner First contact person at the FMCE Institute of Sports Medicine Maribor, Taborska ulica 8, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia Tel.: +386 2 23 45 869 Mobile: +386 40 754 847 info@ism-mb.si