Tuesday 15 August 2017, 14:23

FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence, Bruges, Belgium

St. John’s Hospital was founded more than 800 years ago in the centre of Bruges. Due to the expansion of the hospital, the facility reached its limits and a new hospital was built just outside the old city centre. The former facility now serves as a congress and exhibition centre. Nowadays, St. John’s Hospital (AZ Sint Jan) is one of the largest in Belgium with more than 1,200 beds. The Departments of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine and Rheumatology have worked together from the start to treat patients with musculoskeletal problems.

Over the years, they have also become one of the pioneers of sports medicine in Belgium with Dr D’Hooghe, the current chairman of the FIFA and UEFA medical committees, as one of their leading physicians. In 2009, the Sports Medicine Advisory Centre was founded to support athletes in their search for optimal performance and to promote a healthy sporting environment.

The centre specialises in medical assessments and the sports rehabilitation of professional male and female athletes, young talents, Paralympic athletes and recreational sportspeople. The centre has been accredited as an FIMS Collaborating Centre of Sports Medicine and recognised as a specialist sports medicine facility by the Royal Belgian Football Association

AZ Sint Jan – Bruges: 1,238 beds (Campus Sint-jan, Campus SFX, Campus Henri Serruys) 2,951 employees 29,227 operations

Facts Accredited FMCE since 2010 Musculoskeletal and Sports Medicine Sports Medicine Advisory Centre since June 2009 – SMAC Bruges

Your contact(s) at the FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence in Bruges:

Dr Elke Van den Steen, MD

AZ. Sint Jan Brugge, Oostende av, Ruddershove

10, 8000 Bruges, Belgium

Tel.: +32 50 459 734


elke.vandensteen@azsintjan.be www.azsintjan.be/smac


Dr Jan De Neve, MD Director/Head of FMCE AZ. Sint Jan Brugge, Oostende av, Ruddershove 10, 8000 Bruges, Belgium

Tel.: +32 50 452 900 jan.deneve@azsintjan.be www.azsintjan.be/smac