Thursday 21 November 2019, 19:51

FIFA eClub World Cup online qualification groups confirmed

  • Regional groups with new league format

  • Four weeks and a final weekend en route to FIFA eClub World Cup

  • Qualification format overview

Over 190 teams will participate in FIFA eClub World Cup 2020™ qualifying, competing in different regions across the globe for one of 24 places at the offline event at the start of February. The online qualification games will take place on the following dates:

  • Week 1: 26-27 November

  • Week 2: 3-4 December

  • Week 3: 10-11 December

  • Week 4: 18-19 December

  • Final weekend: 21-22 December

Click here for an overview of the groups and the online qualification live results.

In addition to over 140 European teams, between nine and 15 sides from each of the Asia and Pacific, Africa and Middle East, and North and South America regions will take part in online qualifying. Over 90 football clubs and 100 endemic eSports teams registered for online qualifying.

Group allocation is as follows:


Five pillars of up to 29 teams will be divided into three tiers per league. The best three teams in each league and the best fourth-placed team (out of all the leagues) will qualify for the FIFA eClub World Cup 2020.

Example: European pillar #1 Total teams: 28

Teams per tier: Tier 1 = nine teams, Tier 2 = nine teams, Tier 3 = 10 teams

The three best teams in Tier 1 after the final weekend will qualify for the final event in February.

Asia and Pacific, Africa and Middle East, North America, South America

There will only be one pillar per region, with either one or two tiers housing between six and nine teams. The two best teams per league (or in Tier 1 as the case may be) will qualify for the final.

Allocation into Tier 1 of the respective leagues depends on teams’ past FIFA eClub World Cup results.

After online qualification, the best 24 teams will qualify for the FIFA eClub World Cup, which will be held at the start of February.

Regions with only one tier, which applies for APAC and North America, will play in a round robin format each week, and all points will be cumulated until the end. The team with the most points will qualify for the event.

In the North America and Asia Pacific regions, teams will play each week one round robin with the cumulative score to be decisive at the end of all five rounds.

All matchday performances will also feed into a ranking that will be used for future events and therefore, teams are instructed to complete all five rounds of competition.