Wednesday 13 February 2019, 14:14

FIFA Diploma in Football Medicine now available in French and Spanish

Launched in early 2016, the FIFA Diploma in Football Medicine has triggered global interest, attracting nearly 40,000 users from almost every corner of the world, with the UK, the USA, Egypt, Australia and India making up the five most represented countries. In response to ever-increasing demand, the diploma has now been made available in French and Spanish.

The course is designed to be approachable and flexible: users can visit a single page, complete individual modules or finish the entire course, all free of charge. Each of the 42 modules is written by top international experts in their respective fields, who share written content, podcasts and video examinations, as well as provide links to journal articles and other resources. High-profile players also share their experiences of injuries and what they learned through their recovery.

A comprehensive list of football medicine topics is covered, ranging from injury prevention to nutrition and mental health, and from the pre-competition medical assessment to the handling of specific injuries such as anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) damage.

“Our aim was to make football medicine accessible to all,” said Dr Mark Fulcher, the editor of the diploma. “Having the course available in French and Spanish is going to allow more clinicians to learn about football medicine and will help improve the care their players receive.”

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