Sunday 11 September 2022, 11:00

FIFA and AFC to send joint delegation to Syria

  • Delegation will conduct a security assessment with a view to hosting friendlies in Syria

  • FIFA to continue efforts with authorities for measures to help implement development programmes

  • Aim is to help Syria develop and renovate infrastructure

FIFA and the AFC are to send a joint delegation to Syria to conduct a security assessment with regard to the possibility of hosting international friendly games in the country. Following a meeting between FIFA President Gianni Infantino and Syrian Football Association (SFA) President Salah Edeen Ramadan in Doha, FIFA will also continue its efforts with the relevant authorities, including the United Nations, for measures that would allow its development programmes to be fully implemented in Syria.

Although Syrian teams currently compete in FIFA and AFC competitions, they are not permitted to stage home matches on Syrian territory due to the ongoing security situation. This collaboration would help support the SFA in developing and renovating the football infrastructure and organising competitions, in line with FIFA President Gianni Infantino’s Vision for 2020-23. It would also send a message of hope to the Syrian people, as well as promoting the positive values that can be conveyed through football.