Wednesday 17 August 2016, 07:16

“FIFA 11+ Kids” launched in Brazil

The Brazilian Football Association (CBF) has partnered with its association of football doctors (CNMF) to organise a workshop covering the “FIFA 11+” – FIFA’s warm-up programme meant to prevent injuries. FIFA’s Chief Medical Officer, Professor Jiri Dvorak and F-MARC (FIFA Medical Assessment and Research Centre) member Dr Mario Bizzini visited the CBF headquarters, took part in a workshop and met with over 100 youth coaches to introduce them to the “FIFA 11+ Kids” programme and to launch the new initiative.

Under the guidance of operational coordinator Diogo Netto, CNMF has organised a total 44 “FIFA 11+” courses throughout the whole country over the last couple of years, having reached a total of 1917 participants. "We have seen the effects of the ‘FIFA 11+’ warm-up programme to protect high-level players from injuries, and the same results have been identified within amateur football. If we manage to implement ‘FIFA 11+’ all across Brazil, sooner or later the incidence of training and match injuries will be reduced by up to 50 per cent," said Professor Dvorak.

The “FIFA 11+” warm-up routine has been adopted by a vast array of Brazilian clubs over the last two years, and the initiative to implement it among youngsters is yet another step of the country’s commitment to improve injury prevention in football. "CBF has been investing thoroughly in improving standards, and this year we have offered courses to a total 60 doctors, 15 of whom work with women’s football," said CNMF president Dr. Jorge Pagura. "It is yet another aspect of the FIFA World Cup legacy."