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FEB 2018

SPECIAL CINEMA ISSUE Films fascinate us. Their plots and actors make us laugh and cry as we sit glued to the screen, enthralled by the performances – both individual and collective. Football is the same, so when it transfers to the big screen, it is a marriage made in heaven! In the latest issue of FIFA 1904, FIFA Legends tell us which football films have made the biggest impression on them. We paid football-mad actor Anatole Taubman a visit in Berlin. The James Bond bad guy is a huge Manchester United fan. We caught up with British actor Parminder Nagra, who shot to fame thanks to her role as “Jess” in Bend It Like Beckham, to chat about her life in Hollywood. We also met up with Salvatore Esposito, one of the stars of Gomorrah, the TV drama that is a worldwide smash. And we have parodied five famous film posters by replacing the main stars with the winners of The Best FIFA Football Awards.

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGEIn his monthly column, Gianni Infantino writes about the successful FIFA Forward Programme: “Football development is a serious business and that is how we treat it. Whenever you hear a promise from FIFA, make no mistake: it is not mere rhetoric. It is backed up by facts.”

FIFA MEMBER ASSOCIATIONSFive pages of news and information about FIFA’s member associations.

PLUS ... … “the month in pictures”, “snapshot”, “photo archive”, “then and now” and our other popular picture formats. As well as a football cartoon by Mordillo.

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