Friday 06 March 2020, 15:05

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Football is nothing without fans. The beautiful game is so popular around the world because of its unique ability to bring people together.

So we want to know what's on your mind each week. Which videos do you keep coming back to? Or has there been a fascinating feature on your favourite team or player that deserves wider viewing? Submit your thoughts via social media with #WeLiveFootball, and we'll pick the top ones to showcase here.

Realised dreams, sustained excellence and statements of equality impressed our our FIFA Fan Movement members this week. We bring you the stories behind those achievements and more below.

Molly the mascot

Late last year, Watford's Ben Foster promised 12-year-old Molly Hall that she'd be his guest when Liverpool came to Vicarage Road. Not only did the goalkeeper keep his word, but Molly, who is receiving treatment for leukaemia, proved the good luck charm her team needed in an emotional win over the Reds. Watch the day unfold through Molly's eyes, via Mhairi McKenzie.

'Football is football'

The Football Association of Finland recently announced that their top division of women's club football has been renamed to remove the gender designation from its title. "Football is football, no matter who kicks the ball," explained Heidi Pihlajano, head of women's football development. "Some might see changing the name as insignificant but actually it is a strong statement that symbolizes a bigger cultural change within the sports community and our society." Dean Fraser-Phillips highlights this impressive move.

Muller misfires

Thomas Muller has won it all, from the FIFA World Cup and FIFA Club World Cup to the UEFA Champions League – not to mention multiple domestic league and cup titles. But the Bayern Munich star demonstrated this week that even the world's most successful athletes can have less-than-brilliant moments on the field. Case in point: this botched corner kick. Pro footballers, they're just like us! Don't you agree, Adeniyi Mustapha Bameyi?

Streak breaker

A run of unparalleled dominance came to an end last Saturday in Sao Paulo. Corinthians were unbeaten in 48 consecutive matches – which included a world-record 34 straight wins – before falling to crosstown rivals Sao Paulo FC. We may never see another streak in top-flight football quite like this one. Laura Ferre helps us recognise greatness.

Pioli remembers Astori

We wrap up the week with a heartfelt message from former Fiorentina head coach and current AC Milan boss Stefano Pioli. On the two-year anniversary of Davide Astori's passing, Pioli took time to extol the virtues of his captain. "He always said the right thing at the right time and in the right way," said Pioli. Read the full statement below, courtesy of Miriam Suppa.