Tuesday 02 April 2019, 09:52

Join the Fan Movement

People from around the world connected by one common passion: a love of the beautiful game.

The Fan Movement is an inspiring community of supporters from all around the world who live and celebrate football.

From freestylers and artists to gamers and die-hard club fans – all are connected through #WeLiveFootball, encouraging conversations on football-related stories, opinions, activities and more.

Want to learn more about this unique, global football community? Head over to the Fan Movement’s recently-launched website. There, you can learn more about joining the inspiring initiative where you can not only connect with like-minded fans from around the world, but also have the chance to meet bona fide football legends and attend exclusive football events.

Are you passionate about the beautiful game in one or all of its forms, aged thirteen or above, and live and breathe football on social media?

Then create, celebrate, connect, meet, share and champion football with the Fan Movement today!