Monday 10 December 2018, 10:09

'F2Tekkz' clinches second successive title at the PGL FIFA 19 Cup

  • Many familiar faces from the FeWC and FeCWC

  • Three world champions and a Final Showdown runner-up among those taking part

  • 'F2Tekkz' wins another title at the PGL FIFA 19 Cup

Group stage

Several of the favourites were eliminated after the ‘Swiss format’ group stage. They included 2014 FeWC champion August Rosenmeier and 2018 Grand Finalists 'Ajax Dani’ and 'Marcus Gomes’, just a week after their impressive performance in the same city at the FUT Champions Cup November.

Console quarter-finals

The quarter-finals featured several top-quality matches. FeWC 2018 Grand Finalist ‘MoAuba’ took on Final Showdown runner-up ‘StefanoPinna’, who ultimately got the better of his German opponent.

One major highlight was the duel between two world champions – FIFA eWorld Cup 2017 winner Spencer Ealing and current holder Mosaad Aldossary – with the Englishman reaching the semi-finals.

Console semi-finals


’Nicolas99fc’ vs. ’Keturdylo’ French underdog ’Keturdylo’ defeated 2018 Grand Finalist ’Nicolas99fc’.

'FIFAÜstun' vs. 'StefanoPinna' Belgian gamer 'StefanoPinna‘, who finished second at the FIFA eWorld Cup 2018, beat 'FIFAÜstun', who lifted the FIFA eClub World Cup 2018 trophy with Brondby.


'MegaBit' vs. 'Jablett' Spencer Ealing’s British compatriot ‘Jablett’ took on the experienced ‘MegaBit’, with the German eventually emerging victorious.

'F2Tekkz' vs. 'Gorilla' A top-quality, all English clash between FUT Champions Cup November winner ‘F2Tekkz’ and 2017 world champion ‘Gorilla’ was won by ‘F2Tekkz’.

Console finals


’Keturdylo’ vs. 'StefanoPinna’ The PlayStation final pitched the underdog against last season’s second strongest player, with the Belgian bringing ‘Keturdylo’s winning streak to an end to reach the Grand Final.


'F2Tekkz' vs. 'MegaBit' The seemingly unbeatable Englishman faced German eFootball legend Michael Bittner in the Xbox final. ‘F2Tekkz’ demonstrated the same impressive form that won him the FUT Champions Cup a week earlier to secure his passage to the Grand Final.

The Grand Final

'StefanoPinna’ vs 'F2Tekkz' It all came down to this: the 2018 FeWC runner-up against the winner of the FUT Champions Cup November. ‘F2Tekkz’ wrapped up the win over two legs to take home USD 12,000 in prize money and 850 Global Series points on the road to the FIFA eWorld Cup 2019. The triumph was the 17-year-old’s second successive title in the Romanian capital in the space of a week.