Thursday 01 December 2016, 10:49

Eyquem: May the best team win

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The coaches of the two finalists at the U-20 Women's World Cup Papua New Guinea 2016 gave a press conference today, Thursday 1 December, to build up to the showpiece match. France's Gilles Eyquem and Korea DPR's Hwang Yong Bong were respectively accompanied by the midfielders Grace Geyoro and An Song Ok, and all four answered journalists' questions and shared their thoughts ahead of the big final.

On their expectations

Gilles Eyquem Like every final, above all it's going to be a great occasion to be part of. I hope we'll be able to serve up a good spectacle for the fans and that we come away with the trophy. My North Korean counterpart will naturally have the same goal. Only one team can be champions, but I hope it's a good match and that both sides will have recovered well enough that they can give a fine account of themselves. It'll doubtless be very keenly contested and may the best team win!

Hwang Yong Bong I think it's going to be a very interesting final, because our two countries have faced each other three times at recent tournaments. There was the final of the U-17 Women's World Cup Azerbaijan 2012, in which we'd also met in the group stage, and the play-off for third place at the U-20 Women's World Cup in Canada in 2014. We didn't win any of those games, so I'm certainly expecting a tough match.

Grace Geyoro I'm expecting a very good match, firstly because it's a final and also because North Korea are formidable opponents. As for us, we've shown our qualities en route to the final.

An Song Ok

I think it's going to be both an interesting match and a difficult one. We're very confident and are going to give our all to beat France and get our revenge against them.

On their opponents

Gilles Eyquem I've put the Canada game out of my mind – it was a long time ago now. In any case, I'm not the sort to live in the past; I'm constantly looking to the future. I've been able to see North Korea's last few matches and what's struck me about them is that they're a team who combine technical skills and tactical nous, and their forward-thinking game has caused all of their opponents problems.

Hwang Yong Bong We've seen all of France's games from the group stage through to the semi-finals. We've studied their tactics and their physical qualities. They've got weaknesses too and we're going to try to exploit them to the max.

On Papua New Guinea

Gilles Eyquem We're really pleased with our time here. Yesterday and today we've been able to engage with the locals, and our supporters notably joined us this morning. We've seen the richness of the culture and that there is real enthusiasm about the tournament. We're delighted to have had the chance to share such moments with the people here. Here's hoping we can repay what they've given us in the shape of a fantastic spectacle, and by winning.

Hwang Yong Bong We've struggled a bit with the weather conditions, with the heat and also the wind during our semi-final against USA. But, apart from that, it's gone really well for us here. The people are very welcoming and friendly, and I wish Papua New Guinea all the very best for the future.