Friday 18 August 2017, 10:14

Experts have their say

  • Laura Woods and Spencer are both presenting at the FIWC 2017 Grand Final

  • ChuBoi is a FIWC 2017 consultant and presents the webshow

  • All three have tipped GORILLA as the winner

Following two days of tough competition at the FIWC 2017 Grand Final, only four gamers remain in contention for the title. Ahead of the final day, spoke to expert trio Laura Woods, Spencer and ChuBoi, who are all covering the event.

*- Laura Woods is a sports journalist on British TV.

  • She began covering eSports at the FIWC 2016 Grand Final in New York.

  • She believes the sports world has a growing interest in eSports in general and FIFA in particular.*

"I’m English so it’s difficult for me to be impartial. When I see GORILLA doing what he’s doing here in London, in his own country, all with such amazing calm and being so incredibly effective in attack. What he did in the first leg of the Xbox final was just out of this world. If he keeps it up, I can’t see anyone stopping him."

*- Spencer is an expert on FIFA and the eSports world.

  • He has been commentating on FIWC since last year.

  • He hopes to see eSports become even more professional.*

"I was impressed by the players from the Americas region in the group phase. They didn’t go the distance but they showed lots of good things. What stood out for me more than anything, though, was the domination of the German players. They were so effective, though I think GORILLA will have the last word."

*- ChuBoy is a FIFA specialist, not least in FUT Champions.

  • His role is to explain how the mode works.

  • He believes the eSports world will see the emergence of a transfer market between clubs.*

"The thing that stood out for me on day one was seeing FILTHYP94 and JOEY emerge from the so-called ‘group of death’, which featured four serious contenders for the title. Nobody was talking about the North Americans but they eclipsed TASS, who ended up last, and even finished ahead of DANI.

On day two, GORILLA made his usual quiet start before sweeping all before him. Everyone was asking if he was just as sharp as he’d been in 2015 and 2016, but he showed today on FIFA 17 that he’s still got the killer instinct that has earned him the reputation as the best attacker in the history of FIFA."