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eFootball in November: an overview

  • The best players and countries in the FIFA 19 Global Series Rankings

  • Experts Brandon Smith and Richard Buckley give their opinions

  • The month's standout facts and figures

Events in November

A total of five events and online qualifiers took place in November:

FIFA Online Champions Cup - group stage (10 - 12 November) and knockout stage (16 - 17 November) Licensed Qualifying Event December, online qualification (3 - 4 November) FUT Champions Cup December, online qualification (10 - 11 November) Licensed Qualifying Event January, online qualification (17 - 18 November) FUT Champions Cup January, online qualification (24 - 25 Nov)

The best players in the FIFA 19 Global Series Rankings (data correct as of 27 November 2018)

PlayStation: The winner of the Continental Cup 2018, 'Joksan--', is top of the PlayStation ranking with 875 points. Hot on his heels are German trio 'TheStrxngeR', 'iTimoX' and 'mo_aubameyang', who all likewise performed well at the Continental Cup.

Xbox: Unlike the PlayStation Ranking, the Xbox Ranking does not have such a distinct European imprint. Hong Kong's 'Jesus0716' is top of the pile, just ahead of Saudi Arabia's FIFA eWorld Cup Champion 2018, 'Msdossary'.

Best respresented countries in the FIFA 19 Global Series Rankings

PlayStation: Germany, France and Spain lead the way, each with three players in the top 15.

Xbox: The ranking is still very evenly balanced at the start of the season, but Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom and Mexico each have one player in the top four.

What the experts say

Brandon Smith: One of the players to keep an eye on is 16-year-old 'DullenMike', who plays for BAP Gaming. It looks like he's going to be unbelievable this year, especially in an already very strong German FIFA scene. He qualified for the FUT Champions Cup in Bucharest, the FUT Cup #3 and for the Licensed Qualifying Event in January.

Another player I've been watching closely is 'TheStrxnger', who plays for FC Basel. It's no surprise that he's completely dominating the FIFA scene again. After finishing as runner-up at the Continental Cup, he also qualified for other tournaments.

'didychrislito' - After a disappointing end to FIFA 18, the American was very motivated to get back to his best FIFA playing style and he had a very good month. He qualified for every event that held qualifiers in November. You can certainly say he's back.

Richard Buckley 'F2Tekkz' - He's on a run in FIFA 19 and reached every event he took part in qualifying for. He's definitely one of the favourites on the Xbox in Bucharest.

'Agge' - The Dane is having an incredible year in qualifying. After moving to The North alongside his best friend and team-mate 'Marcuzo', he's been fantastic so far and will certainly have some pressure at the upcoming FUT Champions Cup.

'Joksan--' - He's top of the FIFA 19 Global Series Ranking after earning 850 Global Series in Paris in October. Can he win the second tournament of the year and pick up another triumph for Epsilon eSports and North America?

The month in numbers

3 of the five best PlayStation players are German 3 different continents are represented by the top four players in the Xbox ranking 4 online qualifiers took place 875 points is the highest tally in the current ranking

Up next

The first FUT Champions Cup in Bucharest will be held from 30 November - 2 December.

The online qualifiers for the virtual Bundesliga start on 1 December and just two days later the online qualifiers for the ePremier League begin.

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