Friday 14 June 2019, 06:53

'DrNightWatch': Could he be the man to stop 'F2Tekkz'? 

  • FIFA analyst in the hunt for a FIFA eWorld Cup berth

  • Defeated 'F2Tekkz' en route to the eChampions League Final

  • Profile of Bulgaria’s 'DrNightWatch'

'DrNightWatch' grabbed the eFootball headlines with a late-season charge and, after his performances in May, he will be hoping to make it through the play-offs and into his first FIFA eWorld Cup™. He is currently 21st in the FIFA 19 Global Series Rankings and thus within touching distance of the top 16, which guarantees a spot at the FIFA eWorld Cup 2019. After a strong start to the season, 'DrNightWatch' faded mid-way through before hitting his best form ever at just the right time. Here we take a look at his season in more detail:

Two FUT Champions Cup participations

At the beginning of the season, the Bulgarian made people sit up and take notice after he managed to qualify for both the FUT Champions Cup November in Bucharest and the FUT Champions Cup December in London. 'F2Tekkz' and 'Msdossary' won those two events, but he quietly played his way into the top 16 and picked up an invaluable haul of FIFA 19 Global Series points. He had already caught the eye back in 2018 when he qualified for the FUT Champions Cup in Barcelona.

Analyst and player

'DrNightWatch' was a popular figure at this year’s FUT Champions Cups, both as a player and a commentator. His intensive, analytic approach to the game saw the Bulgarian invited to be part of the broadcast team, breaking down the tactics and methodology of the players during the games. This knowledge also helped him whenever he got his hands back on the console, enabling him to prepare for each opponent down to the last detail and catch them out with some tactical surprises of his own.

Peaking at the eChampions League

One of the opponents that 'DrNightWatch' managed to catch cold was none other than 'F2Tekkz'. The Englishman has seven trophies to his name this season, including three FUT Champions Cups and the FIFA eClub World Cup™ title, and well as representing his country at the inaugural FIFA eNations Cup™. But when he came up against a perfectly prepared opponent in the shape of 'DrNightWatch' in the group stage of the eChampions League, it was game over. The Bulgarian won the decisive matches against the eFootball prodigy to reach the final phase of the eChampions League, where he made it all the way through to the final and got within a hair’s breadth of his maiden title, only to come up just short against US gamer 'NYC_Chris'. Nevertheless, it gave him an important boost in the FIFA 19 Global Series Rankings and improved his prospects for the play-offs, where another strong performance will see him qualify for his first ever eFootball World Cup.