Tuesday 18 December 2018, 16:07

Doping control officer workshop takes place in Asia

Procedures and technology change frequently in the world of anti-doping. To ensure that doping control officers are up to date with the latest regulations, FIFA organised an intensive two-day workshop with the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) in Kuala Lumpur on 3-4 December 2018.

The programme’s aim was to train medical and doping control officers on strategies to fight doping and provide updates on the current trends in the doping control programme.

AFC General Secretary Dato’ Windsor John told the doping control officers: “Through this course, you will be equipped with expert knowledge to succeed, briefed on the strategies to fight doping and learn the current doping control trends. This course will also be used as a platform to network and exchange information among peers.”

The Chief Human Resources and Services Officer, who oversees the FIFA Medical & Anti-Doping Department, together with the head of the department, both helped to run as well as contribute to the event. Fourteen medical officers from 11 member associations tackled a series of theoretical and practical training sessions, at the end of which they completed a written examination to successfully be accredited as doping control officers.

It was also stressed that this was a team effort, not only to protect the athlete’s health but also to protect the integrity of the game. Therefore, the importance of learning from other doping control officers by exchanging knowledge and experience was highlighted and encouraged.