Monday 13 May 2019, 09:17

'Doolsta': I never thought I’d get a chance like this

  • 'Doolsta' shares his journey to international eFootballer

  • Philadelphia Union man discusses USA scene

  • Zlatan, Meek Mill, his dream FIFA opponent and more

It’s been a memorable EA SPORTS FIFA season for 'Doolsta'. The Philadelphia Union man clinched the eMLS treble, winning League Series One, League Series Two and the coveted eMLS Cup. Following his success in the latter, he secured his right to represent USA at the inaugural FIFA eNations Cup™.

Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta - 'Doolsta' has taken in the hustle and bustle of major American cities when competing as an eFootballer. It’s something that seemed unimaginable just a few years ago when the teenager was living in rural Ireland.

"I lived in a small village in Galway called Craughwell for 16 years," 'Doolsta' said in his Irish brogue, in conversation with "Then two-and-a-half years ago, my family had to move to Philadelphia because of my Dad’s work.

"Philadelphia Union announced they were having a tournament to find their player for the eMLS Cup. I went and I was lucky enough to win it. I did alright last year in the eMLS Cup and this year, I did pretty well: I won all three tournaments, so it’s been a good year."

The 2019 eMLS Cup produced a tantalising final as the ultra-experienced 'GGGodfather' – a five-time Grand Finalist – came up against the fresher-faced 'Doolsta', the latter coming out on top. Both competitors shortly went from individuals vying for domestic glory to international team-mates, however, as both earned their places in the USA national team at the eNations Cup by reaching that finale.

"Giuseppe’s a good friend of mine, we get on well," said 'Doolsta'. "We knew at the time with the eMLS Cup that we were there to win it for ourselves but it’s not like we’re rivals or anything. A player of his status, he’s been around for a while and has so much experience, so I have definitely learned a few things from him."

eFootballers representing leading football clubs and national teams is just one indicator of how much competitive EA SPORTS FIFA has grown in recent years. Possibilities and opportunities are increasing for players by the season.

'Dooslta' has been savouring the experience of competing on the American scene, meeting big names along the way.

"The eFootball scene in USA is huge," he said. "The eMLS is a great league to play in and you're able to travel to different places. US Soccer are doing a great job and with USA being one of the biggest countries in the world, to get that chance [to represent them] is huge.

Cormac 'doolsta' Dooley of the United States celebrates

"In LA at the eMLS, we got to meet Zlatan [Ibrahimovic] – I never thought I’d be able to do that. When I was in Philadelphia, I got to play FIFA against a famous rapper, Meek Mill, so the chances we get and being able to see the world, it’s unbelievable. I never thought I’d get a chance like this."

Playing EA SPORTS FIFA against music artists, professional footballers and world-leading pros at tournaments, 'Doolsta' has gone head to head with many renowned names. But if he could play a game of FIFA against anyone, who would it be and why?

"Probably Roy Keane, just to see how angry he’d get!" 'Doolsta' laughed after choosing the national legend and former midfield enforcer of his homeland. "I’d be scared to beat him, he’s very intimidating. I might have to take it easy on him!"

From the rolling green hills of Galway to the big city of Philadelphia, the journey continues for 'Doolsta'.