Tuesday 23 August 2016, 14:31

Designation of referees for Futsal World Cup

The FIFA Refereeing Department has published the list of 40 referees who will officiate at the FIFA Futsal World Cup Colombia 2016 taking place between 10 September and 1 October in the cities of Cali, Medellin and Bucaramanga.

“We’re convinced that this team of referees is the best one possible for the most important tournament in world futsal. All of them are very well prepared and have shown themselves capable of performing at the very highest level,” said Massimo Busacca, Head of the FIFA Refereeing Department.

In terms of contribution per confederation, UEFA lead the way with ten referees, while CONMEBOL will provide nine, the AFC eight, CONCACAF six, CAF five and the OFC two.

Of the 40, 12 were at the previous edition in Thailand in 2012, most notably Marc Birkett of England and Sergio Cabrero of Cuba, who were the second and third referees respectively for the final between Brazil and Spain four years ago.

Spain’s Fernando Gutierrez, at 45, is the veteran of the group, while New Zealand’s Chris Sinclair, who will only turn 30 on 11 September, is the youngest. He will not be the only one blowing out the candles during the tournament, however, with Iran’s Vahid Arzpeyma Mohamareh set to turn 40 nine days later.

During Colombia 2016, all 56 games will be controlled by a refereeing quartet. This is made up of two referees – the main referee and second referee – as well as two assistant referees performing the duties of third referee and timekeeper.

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