Monday 09 January 2017, 23:12

De la Cuesta: We still have a strong link to Chapecoense

"The gesture arose in the midst of an enormous sadness that invaded us all, where our board of directors, owners and organisation made the joint decision that we should give this title to Chapecoense. We wanted to give them a light of hope in the midst of this tragedy. Yes, it was a very hard thing. All of Colombia was in solidarity with the Brazilian people, with the team and we made some very nice gestures, but what we wanted was, in the midst of that great tragedy, to help this mourning. We still have a strong link to Chapecoense and continue to communicate with them. In addition to that we will play the Recopa this year where the Libertadores champion, Atletico Nacional and Chapecoense, who won the South American Cup will play and we are doing some activities in favor of solidarity, respect and brotherhood between football friends. The competitive part goes to the background and the most important thing is to show all these manifestations of love, affection, brotherhood and solidarity in the face of difficult times." Atletico Nacional President Juan Carlos de la Cuesta, accepting the FIFA Fair Play Award on behalf of the club