Wednesday 04 December 2019, 15:25

Dark horses for qualifying for the FIFA eClub World Cup

  • We look at outsiders and dark horses from eClub World Cup online qualifying

  • Teams from the USA, Saudi Arabia and Europe in the hunt

  • Get yourself an overview of competitors from around the world

Even before it began, we at gave you an insight into some of the teams to keep eye on during FIFA eClub World Cup online qualifying. As well as these household names however, there are plenty of other teams who could create a surprise or two along the way.

FIFA eClub World Cup qualifying has developed something of a history of throwing up shock results, with plenty of the 190 teams involved this year truly believing that they have a chance of making it through to the offline event. Here are some more of the teams and the stories behind them, and while they may not be coming into the tournament at the top of the rankings, you should not be surprised if their names crop up more and more as the event goes on.

Brescia eSports

23-year-old Thomas 'asap_tom96' Saiani lives in Brescia and represents his home-town club on PlayStation 4. Alongside him is Alessandro Porpora, who has been on the competitive scene since 2014 whilst maintaining his day job as a reservations and ticket agent for an Arabian airline.

Golden Lightning

This Saudi Arabian team was set up in 2018 but has already seen its players enjoy domestic and international success. Yasser Al Alosayif and Ibrahim Alrasheed are representing the club in FIFA eClub World Cup Online qualifying.

Istanbul Basaksehir FK

This Turkish club has 'Aniva7' and Bulgaria’s 'Sanchez' representing it, with the latter having already made the semi-finals at last year’s FIFA eClub World Cup with his former club Futbolist.

L.A. Galaxy

While Goliath Gaming has opted for youth, L.A. Galaxy has one of the oldest line-ups at this year’s qualifying. Giuseppe Guastella was Galaxy’s first ever eSports player and has finished in the top 4 at a FIFA eWorld Cup as well as making the semi-finals of the eMLS Cup in 2018. At 34, he is one of the oldest players on the scene. Team-mate Bobby Park meanwhile is 29 and also part of the older generation, but has proved his worth in recent years at domestic and international tournaments.


In the space of just two years, Magnus 'Hyper' Kristiansen has gone from a nobody to being an integral part of the Norwegian elite. He was the first person from his country ever to qualify for a FUT Champions Cup and also ensured himself a place in the Norwegian national team at the National Championships. Team-mate Arkan 'Arko' Resul has already made a name for himself on the local scene and he too is one of the best players in Norway.


The team was founded in November 2017 and enters a number of different outfits for various eSports titles. In Joey Sharpe and Josh Ablett, they have young yet experienced players representing them in online qualifying.


Mattia Guarracino is one of the oldest names in Italian FIFA eSports and was the first FIFA player to sign for an Italian football club. He has won the domestic title six times and represented his team back at the inaugural FIFA eClub World Cup. Together with Ditmir Alimi, a German of Albanian origin, the team could well cause a few surprises in their European group.


The team was founded in 2017 by two professional poker players and entrepreneurs and quickly went on to establish itself in the European eSports market. 'QLASH Crazy' recently created quite a stir by finishing runner-up at the FUT Champions Cup Stage 2, while team-mate 'DrNightWatch' is also a familiar face on the scene, the Bulgarian having made his competitive debut with FIFA 18 and making the play-offs both years.

Pachuca esports

The team was only set up in February 2019 but is already one of the best in Mexico, and has four experienced players with collectively over 100 titles representing them at the moment. 'Garogool' and 'TioLucioMacizo' have both shown their skills at a number of domestic tournaments and are now looking to break out on the international stage.

Espanyol de Barcelona

The team from Barcelona will have 'Cone1996fc' and 'Pro_Kaiiseer' flying the flag for them on the road to the FIFA eClub World Cup. Both of them have a number of domestic titles to their names, with 'Pro_Kaiiseer' one of the most experienced players in Spain, winning the Dreamhack Movistar and the Movistar Major Cup this year to name but two tournaments.