Sunday 09 February 2020, 20:18

Complexity: It’s nice to bring one home for North America

  • Complexity triumph at the FIFA eClub World Cup 2020

  • 'Joksan' and 'MaXe' share joy of scooping title for North America

  • Both of their sights on another global title this year: the eWorld Cup

Over 190 teams started out in FIFA eClub World Cup 2020™ qualifying. Twenty-four reached Milan. Come end of play on Sunday, after a competitive EA SPORTS FIFA extravaganza in the fabled Italian city, 'Joksan' and 'MaXe' had led USA’s Complexity to global glory after a penalty shoot-out win against Ellevens.

The Americans smiled broadly as they held a giant Visa cheque for $40,000 and a plaque signifying their status as club world champions.

The duo, who each collected 2,000 Global Series Points on the Road to the FIFA eWorld Cup 2020™, could not hide their delight after bringing a world title to North America.

“It means a lot to us to win it. Complexity have been supporting 'MaXe' and I throughout the year, so we’re both happy to bring home success for them," 'Joksan' told “I’ve never won a FIFA [major], so this is one of the best days of my life.

“As FIFA players, our dream is to win majors and World Cups because so few players have actually won majors," said 'MaXe'. “It’s even more meaningful to us because we’re from North America and we’re not regarded as the best region in competitive FIFA. It’s nice to bring one home for NA!”

The Final Showdown in Milan was a dramatically tense affair – needing the decisive third leg and a penalty shoot-out to separate the teams.

After 'Joksan' got Complexity off to a strong start by winning the opening 1v1 leg, a loss in the 2v2 against Ellevens – an eSports side co-owned by Gareth Bale – meant 'MaXe' and Brazil’s 'Resende' shouldered the burden of the decisive game, where the former came out victorious on penalties.

After a goalless stalemate, it was 'MaXe' who made his opponent pay the penalty, coming out victorious in the shoot-out.

"The funny thing is: that’s my very first competitive penalty shoot-out win! I’m not usually good at pens, but today was my lucky day," said 'MaXe'. “The most impressive aspect of my tournament personally was every single knockout game I played, I didn’t concede a single goal."

Joksan Redona Tello and Max Emilov Popov of Complexity Gaming team celebrate in the final match during Finals day of the FIFA eClub World Cup 2020

In a tournament where the 2v2 format was so prominent, 'MaXe' and 'Joksan' showed their synergy. The team-mates lost just one of their 2v2 games together, which came in the Final Showdown against the formidable Ellevens.

“It means a lot, to share this moment with a team-mate," said 'Joksan'. "This is my first eClub World Cup and it’s probably the most fun I’ve had a tournament. I’m glad 'MaXe' is my team-mate – we did it!

The eClub World Cup may be in the bag but ‘MaXe’ and ‘Joksan’ will not be stopping there. With other majors on the horizon, the Americans have their sights on global glory once again, this time at the FIFA eWorld Cup 2020.

"It’s still a long year. We have the eWorld Cup in the summer and I want to win it," said 'Joksan'. We already won the eClub World Cup, so why not."

"Agreed, the eWorld Cup," concurred 'MaXe'. "That’s the ambition for any FIFA player."

The last American eWorld Cup winner was Nenad Stojkovic in 2010. Can 'Joksan' or 'MaXe' bring it back to USA ten years later?