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Cema Sport Medicine Clinic Pachuca, Mexico

The Pachuca Group’s success is not only reflected in business, as its achievements in the development of sports medicine in Mexico have made the club a model for others to follow. The Sports Medicine Clinic of CF Pachuca is dedicated to the evaluation and rehabilitation of athletes. Its growth is reflected in a unique model that embraces prevention, care and rehabilitation as well as development laboratories that cover areas such as cardiorespiratory physiology and exercise, biomechanics, nutrition and body composition analysis, trauma, internal medicine, rehabilitation, video analysis and statistics, psychology, sport and motion analysis.

There is a new infrastructure with a brand new building, with athletes as well as the general public benefitting from the high-tech facilities and health professionals there.The Altura Centre of Medical Excellence (CEMA) was established in this majestic building, and it supports the general public and the goals of the Mexican government by promoting health and preventing sport-related injuries in a responsible and committed manner.

For surgical operations to be successful, the right facilities are needed, with optimal equipment for every type of operation and medical speciality, which is why CEMA has two operating rooms equipped with cutting-edge biomedical engineering equipment.In collaboration with the UFD university, the CEMA Official Medical Centre provides courses such as a PhD in Sports Science, a Masters in Sports Medicine, a Masters in Sports Nutrition, and a Masters in Kinesiology and Sports Therapy, as well as degrees in health nutrition, physical therapy, psychology, physical education and F-MARC educational programmes in football medicine.

Facts Established in September 2003 Accredited FMCE since May 2016 Everything relating to orthopaedic surgery, sports medicine and physical rehabilitation and therapy 40 medical specialists, 20 physiotherapists, 10 scientists/researchers and 10 nurses 23,500 patients per year

Your contact(s) at the FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence in Pachuca:

Dr Gabriela Murguia Canovas, MD

Director/Head of FMCE

Chairwoman of Official Medical Centre

Sports Medicine Clinic, San Agustin Tlaxiaca

42162 Hidalgo, Mexico

Tel.:+52 77 17 17 04 00 Ext. 856

Tel.: +52 155 510 603 03

Dr José Maria Busto Villareal, MD


Sports Medicine Clinic, San Agustin Tlaxiaca

42162 Hidalgo, Mexico

Tel.: +52 77 17 17 04 10 Ext. 620

Tel.: +52 177 122 10 449