Thursday 28 March 2019, 10:34

Broadcast team for FIFA eNations Cup 2019 announced 

  • Four commentators, two hosts and one reporter at the first FIFA eNations Cup

  • Famous faces in the broadcast team

  • FIFA eNations Cup 2019 takes place 13-14 April

Twenty eFootball nations will be doing battle at the FIFA eNations Cup™ 2019, fighting it out for the title, the prize money and individual Global Series Points ahead of the FIFA eWorld Cup 2019. The event is being shown live by media rights-holders on 13 and 14 April as well as on the FIFA digital channels.

Here is a preview of the broadcast team for the FIFA eNations Cup 2019:

The commentators

Mark 'Onset' Hatcher and Dan Gaskin The pair already made their FIFA event commentary debut at the FIFA eClub World Cup™ and now they are back in the booth for the first FIFA eNations Cup as one of the two commentator pairings.

Richard Buckley and Brandon Smith This commentator team has become an institution in eFootball, having already worked on plenty of Global Series events, including the FIFA eWorld Cup 2018 at the O2 in London. The dynamic duo will be back in the hot-seats at April’s event, and if you want to find out more about them, head here to read our pre-season interview with them.

The hosts

Spencer Owen The Englishman – aka 'SpencerFC' – is also part of the furniture when it comes to the eFootball scene, having featured at many a FIFA eWorld Cup Grand Final and plenty of other Global Series events besides. As was the case at the FIFA eClub World Cup 2019, he will be one of the two hosts.

Adam Smith The Sky commentator and host is back in the broadcast team after making his debut on the eFootball scene at the FIFA eClub World Cup. He will be the second host of the FIFA eNations Cup 2019 alongside Spencer Owen.

The reporter

Änna West The USA-born reporter will be interviewing players after the matches and will also be on the FIFA eWorld Cup Twitter channel, providing you with exclusive insights before and during the tournament.

Tune in on 13 and 14 April and follow the FIFA eNations Cup 2019 live from London. The event will be broadcast on the following channels: Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Twitch