Wednesday 01 April 2020, 09:18

A FIFA star against all odds: Diogo 'Pé' Alves

  • Diogo 'Pé' Alves born with no hands or arms

  • Despite it all, he has achieved 'Gold Standard' at EA SPORTS FIFA20

  • The incredible story of an unlikely FIFA star

Many people in Diogo Alves‘ situation would simply give up on the idea of playing FIFA, but despite being born with no hands or arms, the Brazilian was not about to be put off that easily. He has taught himself to play with his feet and has already built up a reputation for himself among the community, parlaying his passion for FIFA into a 'Gold 1' ranking.

He first started playing FIFA at the age of 12 and soon got to grips with the controller and the game, despite some initial teething troubles, and what many would thing inconceivable, Diogo Pé was able to do – all while carrying on his job as a software developer. He has personalised his control settings via the “alternative” option, enabling him to play with his feet.

As well as his love of FIFA and video games, the Brazilian is also an avid football fan, and at the start of FIFA20, he was invited by Chelsea and EA SPORTS FIFA to go to London and watch a Chelsea match live. He also got to showcase his console skills with three of the club’s stars, teaming up with Willian to take on Emerson and Jorginho in a 2v2 on FIFA20.