Monday 11 March 2019, 08:13

'F2Tekkz' wins fourth FUT Champions Cup

  • 'F2Tekkz' storms to fourth FUT Champions Cup crown

  • Englishman clinches fifth title of the season

  • 'M10 Ustun' tops on the PlayStation

There is simply no beating 'F2Tekkz' at present: the Englishman won his fifth title of the current season at the FUT Champions Cup in March, his fourth FUT Champions Cup triumph overall. The wonderkid impressed once again at the tournament in Singapore to leave the rest of the competition trailing in his wake.

The participants at the March FUT Champions Cup were battling for $100,000 USD in prize money and 20,000 Global Series points to help them climb the FIFA 19 Global Series Rankings en route to the FIFA eWorld Cup 2019™.

We take a look back at the decisive rounds of the PGL FUT Champions Cup:

Semi-finals - PlayStation

FIFA 18 runner-up Stefano Pinna and Frenchman 'Dpeixoto7' were eliminated in the semi-finals, setting up a console final between FIFA eClub World Cup™ 2018 Champion 'M10 Ustun' and Brazil's 'Zezinho23'.

Player 1Player 2Result
M10 UstunDpeixoto73-2
PSV Pinna97Zezinho232-6

Semi-finals - Xbox

The second player in the semi-finals from Mesut Ozil's eSports team lost out to eventual champion 'F2Tekkz'. The Englishman booked his ticket into the console final, where he met the tournament's surprise package 'Excelsior Levy', who had narrowly overcome 'Aboazza10'.

Player 1Player 2Result
Aboazza10Excelsior Levy3-4

Console finals


'M10 Ustun' 6-3 'Zezinho23'

Denmark's 'M10 Ustun', who forms part of the eSports team founded by Ozil in 2018, put in a strong performance to get the better of 'Zezinho23' and seal a place in the Grand Final of the March FUT Champions Cup.


'F2Tekkz' 6-0 'Excelsior Levy'

This result was representative of the knockout rounds and the tournament as a whole: 'F2Tekkz' was simply too strong and his convincing 6-0 victory confirmed his passage into yet another FUT Champions Cup final.

Grand Final

'F2Tekkz' 6-2 'M10 Ustun'

Despite playing well over the course of the weekend, and indeed throughout the season so far, 'M10 Ustun' was the underdog going into the match with 'F2Tekkz', who once again performed superbly in the final. His 6-2 triumph was his third FUT Champions Cup success in the FIFA 19 Global Series and fourth overall, following his victory in Barcelona last season. Following his win at the FIFA eClub World Cup with KiNG eSports, the FIFA 19 Global Series Rankings leader lifted his second major title in 2019 and fifth of the current season.