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FIFA plays a fundamental role in society, and therefore adherence to good governance principles is fundamental to FIFA’s broader social mission. As world football’s governing body, FIFA is firmly committed to the principles of the rule of law, good governance and transparency. In this context, the FIFA Legal & Compliance Division plays a key role within the organisation.

The FIFA Legal & Compliance Division provides all kind of legal and compliance advice to the various FIFA divisions and to all internal bodies and committees, which, primarily, are governed by the FIFA Statutes and regulations. The FIFA Legal & Compliance Division is also responsible for the whole of FIFA’s legal portfolio in cases before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) or ordinary courts.

The division has various sub-divisions, which are then split up into different departments, covering the fundamental legal and compliance areas of FIFA.

The FIFA Legal & Compliance Division comprises around 150 staff members, 55 per cent of whom are women and 45 per cent are men, from 30 different countries. The division aims to contribute towards FIFA’s new vision to promote the game of football, protect its integrity and bring the game to all.

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Rules & Reports

This section contains these legal documents in the context of the activities of the FIFA Legal & Compliance Division, all downloadable in PDF format.

FIFA Legal Portal

As part of its ongoing commitment to modernising football’s regulatory framework, FIFA launched a new FIFA Legal Portal, an online platform through which proceedings before the FIFA Football Tribunal and FIFA judicial bodies will be conducted.

Judicial bodies

We are determined to carry out that vision and maintain the reputation of the sport by anticipating, monitoring and enquiring into any conducts susceptible of affecting football in a negative light

Football Tribunal

According to article 54 of the FIFA Statutes, the Football Tribunal shall pass decisions relating to football-related disputes and regulatory applications.


We are there to support our team members and member associations everywhere in the world by listening to their concerns, advising on compliance issues and providing the tools that can help them respond to their challenges.


As stated in its Statutes, one of FIFA’s core objectives is to promote the integrity of football. As such, FIFA has adopted an effective approach towards the fight against all forms of manipulation and/or the unlawful influencing of football matches or...

Football regulatory

In line with FIFA’s Strategic Objectives 2024-2027, the Football Regulatory subdivision in its daily operations works towards the implementation of several strategic FIFA goals.


FIFA’s priority is to safeguard the physical health and mental integrity of players, uphold and preserve the ethics of sport and ensure that all competitors have an equal chance.

Court of Arbitration for Sport

FIFA recognises the independent Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) to resolve disputes between FIFA, member associations, confederations, leagues, clubs, players, officials, intermediaries and licensed match agents.


FIFA is committed to providing educational services on highly relevant matters related to football law and eager to share its vast experience in that ever-evolving and rapidly changing environment.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us any time.

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