Friday 19 May 2023, 12:45

FIFA opens applications for integrity experts and pro bono counsel

FIFA opened the application process today for the opportunity to be appointed as either one of FIFA’s newly implemented independent integrity experts or dedicated FIFA pro bono counsel. Applications close on 31 May 2023.

Independent integrity experts

Following on from the changes introduced within the 2023 editions of the FIFA Disciplinary Code and the FIFA Code of Ethics, FIFA may now assign to an independent integrity expert the responsibilities, tasks and duties previously performed and/or undertaken by the FIFA general secretariat. By becoming one of FIFA’s independent integrity experts and providing specialist expertise in dedicated disciplinary or ethics matters, those selected will assist FIFA in maintaining one of its core objectives of safeguarding and promoting the integrity of football worldwide, while ensuring that the football stakeholders are supported by leading experts. In this respect, successful candidates will perform a fundamental role in assisting with the necessary investigations into potential breaches of the FIFA regulations, and will be entrusted by FIFA to apply their professional knowledge in their respective fields in order to, amongst other functions, gather appropriate evidence, engage with third parties and represent or support FIFA in proceedings.

Pro bono counsel

The renewal of FIFA's dedicated list of pro bono counsel, following the completion of their first term, reflects FIFA’s ceaseless commitment to sustaining and nurturing justice and fair representation in football. As a fundamental part of FIFA’s legal aid system, those ultimately appointed as one of FIFA’s dedicated pro bono counsel will perform a crucial role in guaranteeing the rights of individuals who would otherwise lack the financial means to defend themselves appropriately before FIFA’s judicial bodies. By representing those faced with overwhelming economic barriers and providing concrete legal expertise in judicial proceedings, those selected as pro bono counsel will help to ensure that individuals facing monetary difficulties are not prevented from accessing fair and expert legal representation – such valuable work aligning with FIFA’s steadfast dedication to ensuring that individuals’ legal rights are both upheld and respected. Aspiring candidates for either position should submit their applications via email to, clearly indicating whether their application pertains to an application for the role of FIFA integrity expert or FIFA pro bono counsel. Following the closure of the application process, candidates who have met the relevant requirements will have their applications reviewed and, if selected and as applicable, will be placed on either the final list of pro bono counsel or integrity experts – the latter being divided by area(s) of expertise. Further information on the application process is available in circular nos 1848 (regarding integrity experts) and 1847 (regarding pro bono counsel), which can be found on