Media Release

Fédération Internationale de Football Association

FIFA Strasse 20, P.O Box 8044 Zurich, Switzerland, +41 (0) 43 222 7777

Thursday 10 December 2020, 21:10

FIFA statement

FIFA and the FIFA President are shocked by the statement issued today by “special prosecutor” Stefan Keller. This statement is both malicious and defamatory in nature and demonstrates his extreme bias.

Now, many months into his investigation and having established precisely nothing problematic about these meetings with the former Federal Attorney General, as FIFA always predicted would be the case, and having not even asked to hear the FIFA President since his investigation was announced last July, the “special prosecutor” has today issued an official “media release” saying that the FIFA President should now be investigated for something else!

Neither FIFA nor its President have ever been informed of these new spurious allegations and they are therefore unable to comment on them, which is probably the intention of the “special prosecutor”.

The method of “special prosecutor” Stefan Keller to accuse and defame by publishing media releases without justification borders on character assassination and is rejected in the strongest possible terms by FIFA and its President.

FIFA and its President will obviously take all necessary legal steps and remedies to put an end to these baseless and ill-intentioned accusations.