Wednesday 13 March 2019, 16:27

FIFA, qualified member associations, UEFA participate in final Regional Integrity Workshop ahead of France 2019

  • Nine participating member associations and UEFA took part in interactive workshop

  • Twenty-four member associations have taken part in three Regional Integrity Workshops co-organised by FIFA

  • Workshops were designed to inform member associations about measures to protect the integrity of FIFA’s competitions

This week, nine member associations and UEFA took part in the third and final Regional Integrity Workshop for the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™, providing an important opportunity to inform integrity officers from Europe about integrity measures that will be put in place by FIFA ahead of this summer’s tournament.

Co-hosted by FIFA and the Spanish Football Association (RFEF), the workshop included a range of interactive activities, individual and group exercises, and case studies – including presentations by UEFA and the French Football Association – that aimed to prevent any method that might jeopardise the integrity of the game from occurring, such as match manipulation and corruption.

The workshop is the third in a series of Regional Integrity Workshops delivered by the FIFA Integrity Department, which provided participants from European member associations and UEFA with a platform to share expert knowledge on football matches and competition protection initiatives.

For more information on the first two Regional Integrity Workshops co-hosted by FIFA alongside CAF and Concacaf, please click here and here.

“This third workshop concluded our series of Regional Integrity Workshops for all the integrity officers of the participating member associations of the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019. All three workshops were a great success and will definitely help to protect the integrity of the competition,” said Vincent Ven, FIFA Head of Integrity.

“Cooperation between football associations is just as important as individual action. The saying ‘together we are stronger’ is of particular importance when the protection of football is concerned. Thanks to FIFA, nine member associations have been working together on integrity matters at the Spanish Football Association headquarters. This is not only a seminar, it is also helping to protect the integrity of the FIFA Women’s World Cup in France, and is a practical example of the determination of football governing bodies to keep football clean and free from any unlawful interferences.” added Alfredo Lorenzo Mena, RFEF’s Integrity Officer.

“UEFA is pleased to offer its support and share its expertise as part of the implementation of a comprehensive and collaborative integrity programme on the FIFA Women’s World Cup,” added Angelo Rigopoulos, UEFA Managing Director of Integrity & Regulatory.