Monday 23 January 2017, 14:02

FIFA strengthens support to member associations with new structure for regional offices

In line with the FIFA 2.0 vision and with a view to improving interaction with its member associations as well as enhancing the scope of its engagement around the globe, FIFA is putting in place a new network of regional offices that will strengthen, modernise and repurpose the support it provides to its members.

Each regional office will comprise a team of experts, including a development manager and project coordinator, a technical officer, a referees officer and a finance and compliance officer, who will facilitate communication with the member associations and support them in developing strategies and accomplishing their development goals in close cooperation with FIFA’s administration in Zurich.

FIFA’s nine regional offices will be located in Barbados, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Panama, Paraguay, Senegal, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates. They will coordinate all FIFA-related activities in the respective regions, provide strategic guidance to member associations, implement the FIFA Forward development programme and support the MAs in their project execution. Personnel recruitment for the regional offices is ongoing.

Further details are available in circular 1573.