Friday 09 June 2023, 12:00

No change at the top, Bhutan on the up and up

  • USA stay top of the FIFA Women’s World Ranking

  • Bhutan and IR Iran make progress

  • Australia & New Zealand 2023 the focal point of the next international window

Nearly three months have gone by since the FIFA/Cola-Cola Women’s World Ranking was last updated, with no fewer than 101 international matches taking place in that time. National teams around the world have been engaged in warm-up matches for the upcoming FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023™, while the Asian qualifiers for the Women’s Olympic Football Tournament Paris 2024 have also been taking place. Those games have led to quite a few changes in the global hierarchy, except at the very summit, with the Top 5 remaining unchanged. USA (1st, -) are still out front, followed by the European quartet of Germany (2nd, -), Sweden (3rd, -), England (4th, -) and France (5th, -). There have been changes below, however, with Spain (6th, plus 1) and Canada (7th, minus 1) swapping places and Brazil (8th, plus 1) and the Netherlands (9th, minus 1) doing likewise, along with a good few other teams in the Top 50.

Women's World Ranking, June 2023

Among the sides occupying that elevated part of the Ranking, Denmark (13th, plus 2), Nigeria (40th, plus 2) and Philippines (46th, plus 3) have all made modest moves, though the biggest changes can be found further down. IR Iran (61st, plus 6), Lebanon (138th, plus 4) and Pakistan (157th, plus 4) have all made significant jumps, though the highest climbers of all are Bhutan (171st, plus 7), courtesy of wins over Jordan (73rd, minus 5) and Timor-Leste (156th, minus 3). The biggest fallers are Indonesia (105th, minus 6), who have slipped six places.

LeaderUSA (unchanged)
Moves into top 10None
Moves out of top 10None
Matches played in total101
Most matches playedMyanmar, Thailand, Vietnam (7)
Biggest move by pointsBhutan (64.59)
Biggest move by ranksBhutan (plus 7)
Biggest drop by pointsJordan (minus 45.96)
Biggest drop by ranksIndonesia (minus 6)
Newly ranked teamsNone
Teams that are no longer rankedNone

Some 11 countries have also broken their FIFA Ranking points records: Spain (2002.28), Republic of Ireland (1743.59), Slovenia (1556.25), Philippines (1512.97), Zambia (1298.31), Cambodia (1144.56), Cyprus (1134.28), Lebanon (1062.88), Pakistan (944.58), Saudi Arabia (844.30) and Bhutan (841.86). Finally, Slovenia (39th), Philippines (46th), Cambodia (118th) and Saudi Arabia (170th) have achieved their all-time highs in the Ranking, which is sure to change again when Australia & New Zealand 2023 comes around. Click here to view the complete Ranking. The next FIFA/Coca-Cola Women’s World Ranking will be published on 25 August 2023