Thursday 25 August 2022, 09:00

Botswana and Mauritania progress during lull

  • Brazil still leading FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking

  • No movement among Top 20

  • Botswana make most progress in terms of points

With five major tournaments in different parts of world, international women's football has been in the spotlight in recent months. That said, 58 international fixtures were still played in the men's game, mostly in Africa and Asia.

As a result, changes in the August edition of the FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking are few and far between. However, two countries – Mauritania (107th, plus 3) and Botswana (146th, plus 3) – have been posting good results, as reflected by a climb of three places each in the standings. That progress makes them jointly the two most-improved sides in terms of places.

FIFA Men's ranking August 2022

In the Top 50, almost nothing has changed from the previous edition: Brazil (1st, - ), Belgium (2nd, - ) and Argentina (3rd, - ) still occupy the podium places, while their immediate pursuers remain in the same order they were in June. Only IR Iran (22nd, plus 1) and FIFA World Cup hosts Qatar (48th, plus 1) move up one place apiece. Outside the Top 100, in addition to the aforementioned African duo, Mozambique (116th, plus 2) and Angola (120th, plus 2) also made up ground among CAF sides, as did Bermuda (168th, plus 2) in Concacaf. With a raft of international games to come, in September in particular, we can expect a lot more movement in the next edition.

LeaderBrazil (unchanged)
Moves into top 10None
Moves out of top 10None
Matches played in total58
Most matches playedBotswana (8 matches)
Biggest move by pointsBotswana (plus 9.85 points)
Biggest move by placesBotswana and Mauritania (plus 3 places)
Biggest drop by pointsSenegal (minus 8.86 points)
Biggest drop by placesSomalia (minus 4 places)
Newly ranked teamsNone
Teams that are no longer rankedNone
Inactive teams, not rankedNone

Click here to view the full Ranking. The next FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking will be published on 6 October 2022.