Wednesday 05 April 2023, 12:15

Gianni Infantino congratulates Aleksander Čeferin on re-election as UEFA President

  • Mr Čeferin was re-elected unopposed at the 47th UEFA Congress in Lisbon

  • Gianni Infantino stressed the importance of collaboration across football

  • Mr Infantino said European football was “truly fantastic”

Gianni Infantino, in his address to the 47th UEFA Congress in Lisbon, has congratulated Aleksander Čeferin on being re-elected as UEFA President and said that FIFA's relationship with UEFA and European member associations could be described in two words: congratulations and collaboration. "Congratulations to the UEFA President, Aleksander, for his outstanding work in UEFA, for running in this election unopposed," said the FIFA President, prior to Mr Čeferin being re-elected by acclamation for a further four-year term for the position he has held since 2016. "Congratulations to the Executive, congratulations to all of you, for making European football what it is, which is incredible, truly fantastic, getting better and better and better."

Mr Infantino said that collaboration between FIFA, the confederations and stakeholders was the only way for football to progress – and gave the recent agreement on the new International Match Calendar as one such example. “There is no other way of making football progress in Europe and all over the world than with collaboration,” the FIFA President said. "I could also use the word unity. Working together, football unites, football unites the world, and we have been able to find the best ways to work together, to collaborate -- to plan the next eight, ten years, with the International Match Calendar, the competitions coming up until 2030 -- between FIFA, UEFA, all the confederations, the European Club Association.” He added: "All of us are united to make football grow, to find the right balance between club football and national team football and to help everyone around the world, as well, to grow and to become better and better, because everyone benefits if everyone grows."

With the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023™ less than four months away, the FIFA President also praised UEFA for investing in women's football, alongside FIFA, and repeated his call for broadcasters and sponsors to play their part in helping to grow the women's game. "Let's keep working together," said the FIFA President. "With me, you have a true partner, and I'm looking forward to the next many, many, many years of collaboration, of teamwork, of unity, all together.“

Sándor Csányi, the President of the Hungarian Football Federation (MLSZ) was re-elected unopposed as a FIFA Vice-President and Debbie Hewitt, the Chair of the English Football Association (FA), was elected for the FIFA Vice-President position reserved for the four British associations. Fernando Gomes, the President of the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF), was elected unopposed to the FIFA Council for a four-year term and Bernd Neuendorf, President of the German Football Association (DFB), was elected unopposed for a two-year term.