Friday 15 November 2019, 16:50

FIFA President statement on the World Football Club Association

“We were pleased to host today’s meeting not only because important subjects like the new FIFA Club World Cup were discussed but also because the voice of clubs from all continents was heard. I’m sure that more leading clubs will join in a platform with which we are looking forward to dialogue in the same way we have been doing with FIFA’s member associations, confederations, leagues and players as well as with key stakeholders of the football community.

The world is evolving fast and if football wants to keep growing as the main sport of the planet we need to come together in a constructive, innovative and inclusive spirit to openly talk about the challenges and issues but also the great opportunities that we have in front of us.

My vision is that in the future 40 or 50 clubs from different parts of the globe have the legitimate ambition to win the FIFA Club World Cup. This would mean that their national or regional competitions have developed to that level and that millions of fans are even more engaged in the support of their favourite teams.

Congratulations to all of those involved and a particular word of appreciation to Florentino Pérez for the initiative to bring clubs from all around the world to the Home of FIFA and for the launching of such a relevant project.”