Saturday 10 November 2018, 17:50

FIFA President praises attendance of Iranian female fans at the AFC Champions League final 

Today is a historic and festive day for football, a real breakthrough.

I was delighted to personally witness that, for the first time in 40 years, Iranian female football fans were allowed to attend an official match again.

The fact that over 1,000 women could cheer their favourite team and that this took place during Asian football’s most important game of the season, the AFC Champions League finale, makes this occasion even more special.

This is the power of football and makes it all worthwhile!

I would like to warmly thank the Iranian authorities, and in particular, President Rouhani for having kept their word following the discussions we held during my previous visit to Iran.

This was an important and major first step in the right direction and I am convinced that through continued dialogue, further progress will be achieved in the near future.

I would also like to underline the key role both the AFC and the Iranian Football Federation have played and thank their respective President Sheikh Salman and Mehdi Taj for making this possible today.