Thursday 19 January 2017, 16:39

FIFA standing committee members appointed

In line with the FIFA Statutes and the FIFA Governance Regulations, FIFA has announced the composition of its nine standing committees, which is now available on

The new members have been appointed by the Council on the proposal of the member associations, the FIFA President and the confederations. Standing committee members have a term of office of four years and have passed a compulsory eligibility check carried out by the Review Committee, with the exception of the Governance Committee members whose eligibility was checked by the investigatory chamber of the independent Ethics Committee.

In accordance with the reform package approved by the Extraordinary FIFA Congress in February 2016, the standing committees have been reduced from 26 to the following nine: Governance Committee, Finance Committee, Development Committee, Organising Committee for FIFA Competitions, Football Stakeholders Committee, Member Associations Committee, Players’ Status Committee, Referees Committee, and Medical Committee. As indicated in the FIFA Statutes, the Governance, Finance and Development Committees include at least 50 per cent of members who fulfil the independence criteria listed in the FIFA Governance Regulations.

The main function of the committees is to advise and assist the Council in their respective fields of function.