Monday 28 October 2019, 13:32

FIFA hosts NDRC workshop in Lusaka, Zambia

On October 23 and 24, FIFA hosted the national football stakeholders of Kenya, Zambia and Zimbabwe for the second regional workshop in Africa, with the overall goal of establishing the steps towards the implementation of a National Dispute Resolution Chamber (NDRC) in each country.

A National Dispute Resolution Chamber (NDRC) is an independent arbitration tribunal, established at national level within the framework of the association (and/or collective bargaining agreement), which is composed by arbitrators chosen by both clubs and players’ representatives. NDRCs are competent to handle disputes between clubs and players of (in principle) national dimension regarding employment and contractual stability; as well as training compensation; and solidarity contributions between clubs belonging to the same association.

During FIFA’s two-day event, member associations, leagues, clubs and players’ representatives from Kenya, Zambia and Zimbabwe, were joined by representatives of football’s global stakeholders: FIFPro and the World Leagues Forum.

In 2017, the FIFA Football Stakeholders Committee started the process of developing a long-term strategy to increase the number of NDRCs worldwide. The NDRC initiative has already been implemented in 12 member associations since the start of this programme which is managed by FIFA’s Professional Football Department.