Tuesday 02 August 2022, 13:00

FIFA appoints normalisation committee in El Salvador

The Bureau of the FIFA Council has decided to appoint a normalisation committee for the Salvadoran Football Association (FESFUT) following the suspension of the entire FESFUT Executive Committee and the General Secretary by the Sports Disciplinary, Ethics and Appeal Committee of the Instituto Nacional de los Deportes de El Salvador (INDES, the Salvadoran National Sports Institute).

The mandate of the normalisation committee for FESFUT would include the following tasks:

  • To run FESFUT’s daily affairs

  • To review the FESFUT Statutes (and other regulations where necessary) and ensure their full compliance with the requirements under the FIFA Statutes and Concacaf Statutes before duly submitting them for approval by the FESFUT Congress.

  • To organise and conduct elections of a new FESFUT Executive Committee for a four-year mandate solely in accordance with the new FESFUT Statutes;

  • To commission a full audit of FESFUT’s finances to implement mechanisms and processes to ensure good governance practices; and

  • To establish an appropriate framework for the proper management of the development funds provided by FIFA and Concacaf, thus enabling their investment in the development of Salvadoran football.

The normalisation committee will be composed of an adequate number of members, to be appointed by the FIFA administration in consultation with Concacaf. The exact date when the normalisation committee’s mandate will expire (subject to its tasks not having been completed earlier) will be communicated by the FIFA administration following the appointment of the normalisation committee’s members.