Monday 10 July 2023, 12:00

FIFA publishes Guide to Submitting claims before the Football Tribunal

  • Outline of procedure and important administrative points to note

  • Includes proceedings before all three chambers of the Football Tribunal

  • Incorporates the mandatory use of FIFA Legal Portal

FIFA has today published a Guide to Submitting Claims before the Football Tribunal. The Guide provides a detailed and comprehensive overview on the processes and documents that the parties should consider when lodging a claim before the Football Tribunal, as well as information on the use of the FIFA Legal Portal, which has been mandatory since 1 May 2023. The FIFA Football Tribunal, which is part of FIFA’s comprehensive modernisation of the regulatory framework, is composed of the Dispute Resolution Chamber, the Players’ Status Chamber and the Agents Chamber, and has been operating since 1 October 2021. It consolidates the previous FIFA decision-making bodies under a single umbrella body and it further facilitates the resolution of disputes involving stakeholders from across the football industry, such as member associations, clubs, players and coaches, as well as processing regulatory applications that are fundamental to the football family. Further details on the Football Tribunal are available here.