Friday 10 March 2023, 13:00

FIFA publishes Mediation Guidelines

  • Voluntary and confidential services provided free of charge

  • Document developed in close exchange with experienced mediators

  • Initial cases already resolved

Since the implementation of the third transfer reform package in October 2021, and in line with the objective to modernise football’s regulatory framework, FIFA has incorporated possible recourse to mediation in disputes before the Football Tribunal. Following an extensive consultation process with the appointed FIFA mediators and other relevant stakeholders, FIFA has now published Mediation Guidelines to define the proceedings for mediation within the scope of the Football Tribunal. Since the implementation of mediation in the Football Tribunal, amicable settlements have already been reached in a number of cases to the great satisfaction of the parties involved.

“The mediation process has been key in resolving a longstanding problem and, at the same time, in rebuilding the relationship between the parties. With the support of the mediator, we were able to effectively identify the positions and interests of both the player and the club and reach a common point of agreement, which otherwise would not have been possible. It was a great experience, carried out in an agile and confidential way, so we highly recommend the use of this practical tool that FIFA makes available to parties for the resolution of conflicts,” said Santiago Liste from the Spanish Footballers Association (AFE) who represented one of its affiliates in a successfully mediated case. FIFA provides this voluntary and confidential service for parties free of charge and encourages them to use this method to amicably resolve their disputes with other members of the football family.