Monday 06 February 2023, 13:00

FIFA establishes Football Agent Working Group

  • Consultative body composed of 18 representatives from across the world

  • Initiative enshrined in the FIFA Football Agent Regulations

  • 2,249 licence applications for football agents received

Following the entry into force of the FIFA Football Agent Regulations (FFAR), FIFA has today established a Football Agent Working Group composed of representatives of professional football stakeholders and agent organisations from across the world that will act as a permanent consultative body in relation to football agent matters, including the practical implementation of the new framework, as well as possible future amendments or changes to the FFAR.

Subsequent to the submission of proposals, the Football Agent Working Group members representing agent organisations and other football stakeholders appointed by FIFA are:

  • Paddy Dominguez, football agent, Australia

  • Gregor Reiter, counsel, Germany

  • José Luis Díaz Arin, football agent, Argentina

  • Arturo Canales, football agent, United Kingdom

  • Adolfo Hernández, football agent, Costa Rica

  • Ondřej Zvára, football agent, Czechia

  • Anuj Kichlu, football agent, India

  • Michael Sodeke, football agent, Nigeria

  • Maria Karlsson De Cecco, football agent, Sweden

  • Mario Flores, ECA’s Head of Sports Legal, Mexico

  • Nelson Ferro, football agent, Uruguay

  • Ben Rees, Head of Legal Regulatory at the English Premier League, United Kingdom

  • Natalia Simeone, football agent, Argentina

  • Manuel Manzo, football agent, Mexico

  • Marcos Serioux, football agent, Canada

  • Alvaro Torres, football agent, Spain

  • Helmuth Wennin, football agent, Colombia

  • Roy Vermeer, FIFPRO director legal, the Netherlands

“The establishment of the working group is a key initiative that will enable us to continue our constructive dialogue with agent organisations across the world regarding the implementation of the new framework and any potential changes in the future. In line with the extensive consultation process that has been implemented in the past years, FIFA remains committed to an open exchange within the new regulatory framework,” said FIFA Chief Legal and Compliance Officer Emilio García Silvero.

Licence applications Following the entry into force of the FFAR, FIFA has already received 2,249 licence applications via the FIFA Agent Platform. Those applications also come from all around the world:

Licence applications per confederation:

  • UEFA: 57% of applications

  • CAF: 12% of applications

  • Concacaf: 12% of applications

  • CONMEBOL: 10% of applications

  • AFC: 8% of applications

  • OFC: 1% of applications

Candidates eligible to take the FIFA Football Agent Exam will have the option to take this exam on 19 April and 20 September this year. Further details on how to become a licensed football agent are available here.

The FFAR introduce basic international service standards for FIFA football agents and their clients, including the limitation of multiple representation to avoid conflicts of interest and the introduction of a cap on football agent fees, with the objective of reinforcing contractual stability, promoting solidarity, protecting the integrity of the transfer system and achieving greater financial transparency. The obligation to only use licensed football agents will be implemented on 1 October 2023.