Friday 01 July 2022, 05:00

Validation of ball-tracking technology and real-time tracking data extends frontiers for EPTS

  • Validation of ball-tracking technology integrated into FIFA Quality Programme for EPTS

  • Validation of live player- and ball-tracking data to enhance real-time use of data

  • Recognition of first FIFA Preferred Provider for Live Player and Ball Tracking

In light of the developments in relation to electronic performance and tracking systems (EPTS), FIFA, for the first time, offered EPTS providers the opportunity to validate their live player- and ball-tracking systems at the latest EPTS test events in Seville (September 2021) and Cádiz (June 2022).

Following the successful development and validation of a means to assess ball-tracking data using the same Vicon (high-speed optical motion capture) set-up used to assess providers’ player-tracking data, the EPTS performance test methodology has been expanded to include ball-tracking data. This step followed the request from a growing number of technology providers that have incorporated additional ball-tracking metrics and were seeking an independent way to accurately measure the position and velocity of their ball data. In the first assessment, the 2D positional accuracy of each provider’s ball data was evaluated at the test event in Seville. Future performance test reports will incorporate velocity and 3D positional data. This will allow end users, such as team analysts or other decision-makers, to compare different tracking technologies on the market.

FIFA Cadiz EPTS Test Event 2022

At the same time, the introduction of a live testing protocol for player and ball performance data ushered in a new era in the FIFA Quality Programme for EPTS. While the programme was first rolled out in 2019 with submission times of either <1 hour or <24 hours, providers now have the possibility of submitting their tracking data in real time, with the exact latency noted in the test report. This is, once again, in response to the growing desire of the football world for live match analysis and the development of more sophisticated technologies. 

Launch of FIFA Preferred Provider for Live Player and Ball Tracking initiative

In line with the publication of the first test reports for live player and ball tracking, FIFA has launched a new FIFA Preferred Provider initiative for companies with proven expertise in the development of these EPTS technologies. FIFA is looking forward to further collaborating with such market innovators to jointly drive developments in the future. 

Follow this link for details of the first FIFA Preferred Provider for Live Player and Ball Tracking, as well as the other FIFA Licensees for EPTS.