Monday 26 June 2023, 22:00

Start of four-year certification cycle for VAR and offside technology

  • FIFA to extend the certification period for VAR and offside technology

  • Introduction of a standardised certification cycle for all providers

  • First four-year certification cycle to run from 1 January 2024 to 31 December 2027

The FIFA Quality Programme (FQP) is extending the current certification period for video assistant referee (VAR) technology and offside technology with immediate effect. Following the introduction of VAR systems in 2018 and an intensive research and testing period, the use of the technologies has become well established in football. With the experience from over 100 competitions worldwide using FIFA-certified VAR technology and offside technologies, and continuous development by providers, FIFA is confident that the systems have reached a level of maturity that allows for this extended certification period (previously two years).

By extending the certification period for VAR and offside technology, FIFA is also addressing the challenge of harmonising the expiration dates of all certificates across different systems. By doing this, FIFA intends to avoid certificates expiring in the middle of a season or having different validities during tenders, which could result in competitive disadvantages.

This is why FIFA is introducing a four-year certification cycle for VAR and offside technology. All VAR and offside systems that are successfully tested during this period will receive certification until the end of the respective cycle. The first cycle starts on 1 January 2024 and ends on 31 December 2027. All subsequent cycles will run in four‑year blocks.

To retest and recertify VAR and offside technologies, FIFA will be offering test events 12 months prior to the end of each certification cycle. The date of these test events will be announced on To test a VAR or offside technology in any other year providers must get in touch with the FIFA Quality Programme.

Transition period

VAR systems that were successfully tested in 2023 will receive certification from the date of acceptance of the test report until the end of the first four-year certification cycle on 31 December 2027. The period from the test date until 1 January 2024 is treated as a transition period.

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