Thursday 12 October 2023, 08:30

Launch of FIFA Quality Programme for Floodlights

FIFA is proud to announce the launch of the FIFA Quality Programme for Floodlights. This initiative aims to support stadium owners to select and install floodlight systems that meet the specified standards of quality and performance defined by competition organisers. The programme, which has been developed in collaboration with football associations, renowned lighting experts and test institutes all across the globe, includes football, beach soccer and futsal test procedures that standardise and make this highly developed technology accessible. With the ever-increasing emphasis on player performance and the overall fan experience, as well as on technologies such as EPTS, GLT, VAR and high-definition broadcasting, it is imperative to provide reliable floodlighting systems that meet the demanding standards of modern sports. The assessment includes an audit of all of the standards that the luminaires (products) must comply with, a validation of the modelled performance of the complete floodlight system prior to its installation, and a final on-site validation test with calibrated equipment. All products (luminaires) from licensed manufacturers that comply with the FIFA-specified requirements can be found on the FIFA resource hub. All stadiums tested according to the FIFA test manual that meet the competition organisers’ requirements receive an official FIFA certificate and are also listed on the FIFA resource hub. To further enhance the credibility and reliability of the FIFA Quality Programme for Floodlights, we have accredited three leading test institutes: International Illuminance Services (IIS), Sports Labs Ltd, and Labosport. These institutes have demonstrated their expertise and capabilities in conducting thorough and accurate testing of floodlight products and installations. Their accreditations ensure that any floodlight system accredited under the FIFA Quality Programme has undergone stringent evaluation and meets the high standards set by the programme.

By launching the FIFA Quality Programme for Floodlights, FIFA aims to promote excellence and provide a trusted benchmark for floodlight installations at sports facilities worldwide. This programme will not only benefit professional clubs and stadiums but also grassroots organisations, ensuring that all levels of our sport can benefit from reliable and high-quality floodlight systems. For more information about the FIFA Quality Programme for Floodlights or to enquire about testing, accreditation and certification, please click HERE or contact us at

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